Xamarin Resx Localisation Weirdness

This was a bit of a head scratcher, I've added localisation with 20+ languages to a project and found using the following kind of notation: AppResource.cs-CZ.resx AppResource.es-ES »

Xamarin MasterDetailPage IsGestureEnabled Android Bug Hack

I've implemented a MasterDetailPage in an app which is used on one page for filtering a list. It's advised that it's placed at root level which means it's available for »

New Android SDKs not showing up in VS 2017

I just downloaded Android 26 (8.0) and 27 (8.1) SDKs with the SDK manager to align my system with another dev working on the same project and found »

Xamarin Droid Resource Error

I innocently added an image to Resources/Drawable. The problem was, I had a dash in the file name (filter-applied.png). The resource packaging didn't like this resulting in the »

EF7 SQLite Click-Once Deployment Error

I'm working on a WPF client app with a SQLite database (view to build an iOS app with Xamarin in the future). The Error The application works fine locally, but »

Restoring Windows 8.1 after Windows 10 Issues

This may be useful if you've installed Win10, but need to quickly get back to a usable machine without spending an entire weekend re-paving it! I installed (upgrade keeping files »